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3 Things You May Not Know about Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening in Dillon, CO

Getting your teeth whitened at Summit Dental Group can improve your appearance and showcase your lovely smile. It’s a versatile procedure that highlights your beauty and hygiene, much like well-manicured nails and trimmed hair. 

Many of us have seen these products in grocery stores and been tempted to save some money by doing it at home. The issue with this process is that many store-bought teeth whiteners are abrasive to your enamel, or barely lift your tooth shade. To see real improvement—and make sure you don’t damage your precious enamel—we encourage you to schedule a tooth whitening appointment with Dr. Bryan Hilton or Dr. Corry Marcincin.

Why Should I Get My Teeth Whitened? 

You may not know that your teeth have pores, much like your skin, and can absorb what you eat and drink. Heavy coffee drinkers or red wine lovers might have learned this the hard way when they notice a darker tinge to their teeth over time. Other culprits to yellow or brown stain teeth include dark berries, smoking, and any dark colored-foods.

While you may be able to lift some of the stains with proper brushing and flossing—much of the deeper stains can only go away with professional help. Teeth whitening works by opening the pores in your enamel and gently removing the stains. We always encourage our Dillon, CO, patients to minimize coffee, wine, and tobacco intake to reduce staining.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safe

While some sensitivity is common after a procedure, these effects are temporary. If done by a professional, the process is very safe and won’t ruin your enamel. There are no guarantees with in-store brands which may contain products that can damage your enamel. 

Tooth Whitening Is Not Permanent

The results of your teeth whitening procedure may be fantastic and look permanent, but the truth is that over time, staining inevitably returns. You can delay the time between teeth whitening procedures by watching what you intake and minimizing smoking.

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