Painless Dentistry

Painless Dentistry in Dillon, CO

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? This is a very common concern for millions of people who experience an overwhelming fear of dental procedures. Those fearful feelings are certainly unpleasant, but the problem is made worse by the fact that many of these patients avoid important dental treatment altogether.

At Summit Dental Group, your complete comfort and well-being are very important to our entire professional team. We want you to receive the dental treatment you need to protect your oral health, but we understand that dental anxiety is a very real problem. Putting off treatment is definitely not the answer since dental problems don’t go away by themselves.

Compassionate Care in a Safe Environment

man smiling at dentist | Painless Dentistry in Dillon CO | Summit Dental GroupDrs. Hilton and Marcincin are caring and compassionate professionals who want you to enjoy great oral health. Our treatments are painless and efficient, reducing discomfort and the time you need to spend in the dental chair. We’ve found that many people also experience dental anxiety because they feel a loss of control while receiving treatment. Here are some practical tips to help you to feel more confident during your dental appointments:

Communicate With Your Doctor: Patients with dental anxiety are often embarrassed to talk about their concerns. Speaking to Drs. Hilton and Marcincin about your fears will enable us to take the necessary precautions to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Agree on a Signal: We agree on a signal before treatment starts so you can alert us to any problems you’re having. This can be as simple as raising your hand to let us know you are feeling discomfort.

Throat Sprays: Some patients avoid dental treatment because they worry about gagging. Sprays that are used for sore throats can help keep the gag reflex under control for the duration of your appointment.

dentist | Painless Dentistry in Dillon CO | Summit Dental GroupSedation: Sedation dentistry is an excellent solution for many patients who would not normally be able to sit through a dental appointment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can significantly reduce anxiety without putting you to sleep. You will be very relaxed and calm, but awake enough to communicate with our team if needed. Oral sedation using anti-anxiety medication is also available for our patients who experience more severe anxiety.

Every member of our professional team is trained to be sensitive and responsive to your concerns. We will spend all the time necessary to answer your questions and discuss your treatment so that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive for your appointment. If we agree that sedation is the solution for your anxiety, we will discuss your options and find the one that works best for you.

Contact Us and Put Your Fears to Rest

There is no reason to put off dental treatment because of anxiety. Please contact our Dillon dental office and we will be happy to schedule time to talk to you about your concerns and help you take control of your oral health care.