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How can I tell if I have a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re having some sort of dental problem, you may be hesitant about contacting our Dillon dental office, but we can assure you that any concern you have is important to us. We offer emergency treatment, and you should never hesitate to contact us if you’re experiencing any type of problem with your teeth.

What is Considered an Emergency?

The problems that are usually considered an emergency are those that need immediate treatment to save your tooth and/or relieve pain. This would include a root canal infection that causes severe pain. Another serious emergency is having a tooth knocked out. Both require prompt attention, because in many cases we can save the tooth if we see you as soon as possible.

Losing a filling or dental crown is not usually a situation that requires treatment immediately, unless you are in pain. The important thing to remember if this happens is to clean the affected tooth gently and put the crown in a safe place. Do not try to reinsert a dental filling – if it has fallen out, there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed before we can make a new one.


Contact Our Office in Summit County, CO

If you have questions about what constitutes a dental emergency or how to handle a dental emergency, call our office and our compassionate team can provide you with information. At Summit Dental Group, we specialize in emergency dentistry and can get you in same day to treat your dental emergency.

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