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Do teeth whitening toothpastes work? How effective are they?

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste | Dillon, CO | Summit Dental GroupWhat's in Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

All toothpastes work by using mild abrasives to help lift surface stains from your teeth. In the case of whitening toothpastes, added chemical agents that gently polish teeth further aid in the removal of stains.

Teeth whitening toothpastes do not contain any bleaching agent and will only help in the removal of stains from the surface of your teeth. Kits for teeth whitening purchased at your local drug store contain hydrogen peroxide (a bleaching compound) that will further help in the removal of surface stains as well as stains deep within your teeth.

Home Whitening Kits

However, home whitening kits will never produce the dramatic results achieved during a professional teeth whitening treatment done at our Dillon dental office. Whitening toothpastes will only lighten the color of your teeth by about one shade. In contrast, a professional teeth whitening kit provided by your dentist can lighten your teeth by three to eight shades.

If you’re unsure which of these teeth whitening options will work best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our Dillon dental office. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the solution that fits your budget and provides the results you are looking for.

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