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How safe are dental x-rays?

Dental X-Rays | Dillon, CO | Summit Dental GroupRadiation Exposure

We are constantly exposed to radiation from a number of sources. These include the sun, minerals contained in soil, home appliances and dental x-rays. All of these sources can potentially damage our body's tissues and cells. In certain instances, radiation exposure can lead to the development of cancer. Fortunately, when dental x-rays are taken, you are only exposed to very small doses of radiation.

Advances in Technology

Advances in dental technology have reduced the levels of radiation emitted by routine x-rays. Summit Dental Group has reduced the amount of radiation you are exposed to by using digital x-ray machines that focus only on the small area being x-rayed. Even though the potential for stray radiation with digital x-rays is almost non-existent, we provide all patients with lead-lined, full-body aprons that further protect the body. To ensure safety and accuracy, Federal law states that all x-ray machines must be checked every two years. Some state laws demand more frequent checks.

X-rays are one of the most effective diagnostic tools we have, allowing us to see inside your teeth and beneath your gums to catch problems in their earliest stages. We believe that the many benefits of x-rays considerably outweighs the very minimal risk that they pose.

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