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Why do I need oral surgery?

Oral Surgery | Dillon, CO | Summit Dental GroupOral surgery may be necessary for any one of a number of reasons. If your dentist has told you that you need oral surgery, you are most likely experiencing some type of serious oral health problem that needs to be dealt with quickly.

Some reasons why oral surgery may be necessary are:

  • Extraction of a severely decayed toot that cannot be treated effectively with a root canal
  • Eliminate serious periodontal disease to prevent further infection or tooth loss
  • Dental bone grafting to support your jaw when a tooth is missing or as needed for dental implant surgery

Our Experience with Oral Surgery

At Summit Dental Group, we certainly understand that the prospect of oral surgery and tooth extraction can be unpleasant and scary. Both Dr. Hilton and Dr. Marcincin have extensive experience in the area of oral surgery, and our team members are all highly trained to deal with this type of complex procedure with care and compassion.

We will be happy to make an appointment to assess your situation and decide if oral surgery is the best course of action in your case. Please contact our office, and a member of our team will be happy to make arrangements for a consultation with one of our doctors.

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