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Will anyone know I have veneers?

One of the reasons that veneers are becoming increasingly popular for correcting dental imperfections is that they look so similar to natural teeth. In fact, patients at our Dillon dental office who have had veneers placed find that people don’t notice the cosmetic work. Instead, their friends say things like, “You look great – did you change your hair?”

What Do Veneers Look Like?

There are a number of reasons why veneers are not an obvious cosmetic treatment. To start with, they do look very much like natural dental enamel. When you look at your own teeth, you will see that they are not a flat white color. You’ll notice that they do have a translucent appearance that reflects light like your natural teeth.

Also, veneers can be color matched to the shade of your natural teeth. So if you only need a few veneers placed, they will blend seamlessly with your own teeth.

How Are Veneers Placed?

Before we place veneers we remove a very small amount of your dental enamel. This helps prepare the surface of your tooth, and it also allows enough space for the veneers to sit naturally on the teeth. Once the veneers are placed, Drs. Hilton and Marcincin will carefully shape them and polish them so they look just like a natural tooth.

Please contact our Dillon dental office if you would like more information about porcelain veneers.

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