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I have a dental emergency, but I’m not a regular patient. Can you help me?

We're Here For You

At Summit Dental Group, we are dental professionals who are committed to providing everyone with the dental care they need when they need it. If you are in pain or have a traumatic dental injury like a knocked-out tooth, we will be happy to make arrangements to see you, even if you are not a regular patient.

In the case of an emergency, we know that there is nothing worse than the helpless feeling of not being able to get the dental care you need right away. We’ve all been in your place at one point or another, and we don’t want you to suffer a moment longer than necessary.

Ready For You, 24/7

We have made the necessary arrangements to have a doctor on-call 24/7 to handle your dental emergency. When you call our office at 970-468-2471, you will be routed to a special voice mail, and we will be alerted to your call. We will call you back as quickly as possible so that we can evaluate your situation and determine if you need treatment right away.

Please note that if your emergency involves trauma to your face, head, or neck, you should call 911 or get to an emergency room as quickly as possible.

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