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How can dental bonding help me?

Dental Bonding in Dillon, CO | Summit Dental GroupDental bonding is a very versatile treatment that can correct cosmetic dental problems and restore damaged teeth. Treatment is fast and effective, and can be completed in only one visit.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

At Summit Dental Group, we use a composite resin material for bonding because it can be color-matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth. We can achieve beautiful results, and no one will ever know that you’ve had work done.

If you have teeth that are chipped or cracked, dental bonding is an ideal solution that builds up the tooth. This not only restores function of the tooth, but also perfects the appearance of your smile.

We can use the same process to fill in gaps and spaces, or reshape teeth that are poorly proportioned. Dental bonding is also effective when used tooth cover up severe staining or tooth discoloration that cannot be corrected with whitening treatments.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding treatments are strong, long-lasting, and can stand up to everyday wear and tear on your teeth. Our Dillon dental office has transformed lots of smiles using dental bonding, but we also offer other cosmetic and restorative treatments that may be more appropriate for your situation. Please contact our office, and we’ll be happy to take the time to discuss your options with you.

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