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Will I need a crown after root canal treatment?

Typically, Crowns Are Needed After Root Canal Treatment

It is difficult to say whether you will definitely need a crown but, in the great majority of cases, the answer is yes, you will most likely need a dental crown after root canal treatment.

In general, dental crowns are used to provide support and strengthen a tooth that has been weakened. In the case of a root canal, the condition of the tooth before treatment is one of the determining factors. If the tooth has already been compromised by extensive decay, a dental crown will help protect it from further damage.

Dental crowns are versatile restorations, and protecting a tooth after a root canal is just one of their uses. We can also use dental crowns to make cosmetic alterations like reshaping of a tooth. If your teeth are severely discolored and cannot be whitened using traditional treatment, a crown is a good choice for creating a new, fresh-looking surface.

Our Priority Is Your Health

At Summit Dental Group, our first priority is protecting your oral health, and restorations like dental crowns help us accomplish that goal. But the type of treatment we choose really depends on your specific needs.

Please contact us for more information about dental crowns and the other types of restorative treatments we offer.

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