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My crown fell out! What should I do?

Dental emergencies like a lost or damaged crown always cause stress, so it’s good to know that someone at Summit Dental Group is standing by to help you. A crown that has fallen out may or may not be an emergency, but you can always call us, and we can help decide if you need immediate treatment.

The Effects of a Broken Crown

A lost crown is a problem because it can be painful but without the crown to protect it, the tooth can also weaken, making it more susceptible to further damage. It’s image of loose dental crowns | emergency dentistry in Dillon CO | Summit Dental Groupimportant to handle a loose crown carefully, because there’s a good chance that all we need to do is cement it back into place.

Whatever you do, do not use store-bought dental cement as you may end up doing additional damage to the tooth or crown. Do keep the crown wrapped in tissue and in a safe place so that it does not get damaged.

First Steps in Fixing a Broken Crown

We can’t tell you if a lost crown is an emergency or not until we speak to you and assess the information you give us. The first step is to contact our Dillon dental office. If it’s after-hours, you can call and leave a message, and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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