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What is bone grafting, and why do I need it?

Under normal circumstances, the root of your tooth stimulates growth of surrounding bone tissue in your jaw. If you lose a tooth, the bone surrounding the missing root has nothing to support it, and it will begin to erode. At the same time, your gum will begin to shrink as the bone deteriorates, resulting in a sunken appearance of the gums.

How Bone Grafting is Done

Bone grafting is a procedure that allows us to rebuild the portion of your jaw where the root is missing. This corrects the appearance of collapsed gums because the grafted bone helps stimulate your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone tissue.

The Need for Bone Grafting

If you’re having a dental bridge placed, and the gum around the missing tooth has started to collapse, bone grafting can effectively build up that area of the gum and eliminate the shrunken appearance.

In order to have a dental implant placed, there must be sufficient bone density in your jaw to hold the implant. We may recommend bone grafting to accommodate the implant. Bone grafting may also be recommended to correct problems associated with severe periodontal infection.

Dr. Hilton and Dr. Marcincin are highly-trained in oral surgery, and bone grafting in particular. Please contact our office for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about bone grafting.

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