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Is nitrous oxide safe for painless dentistry?

Your comfort is a top priority, and our goal at our Dillon, CO dental office is to offer our patients painless dentistry. If you suffer from fear or anxiety when you visit the dentist, one of the things we may suggest at Summit Dental Group to help you feel relaxed is using nitrous oxide during your dental procedures. This odorless gas is a sedative that is combined with oxygen and delivered through an inhalation mask that you wear during dental treatment. It's effects work quickly and also leave your system immediately when the mask is removed.

The nice thing about sedation with nitrous oxide is that its effects wear off right away when you're done with your procedure, so there's no lingering side effects and you can get back to your normal activities. Nitrous oxide is also safe for children to use during their dental appointments.

Nitrous oxide can be used during almost any type of procedure, so be sure to let Dr. Hilton or Dr. Marcincin know if you think you might benefit from using it during your dental treatment. Contact Summit Dental Group at (970) 468-2471 if you have questions about painless dentistry in Dillon or using nitrous oxide.

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